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The appliance for bottle conveying type DL

For bottle conveying between the single machines were designed and constructed bottle conveyers. These conveyors can be single-line, double-line or more than double line. Direct direction of conveyers can be changed with curves. Bows of the curves can be from 30° to 180°.

Main parts of the conveyer are tractive part with fluently variable speed of conveyor belt, end part, intermediate parts in modular two metres longitud, conveying belt from stainless stell or from plastic, banister which avoids falling the bottles from the conveying belt, legs with stirrups wearing individual part of conveyer. One single-line conveyer can be in maximum longitude ten metres.

The conveyers are without gutter little tanks and it is possible to mount central lubrication on them. Used materials for single parts production are stainless steel and plastic. Guarantee period is from one to two years, according to circumstances.