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The steeping drum type OB – 1


The steeping drum OB-1 is assigned for washing of reversible labelled or deeply soiled bottles in Noah bath. This bath is warmed up and concentration of caustic soda lye is usually 2 %.

The capacity of caustic soda lye bath is approximate 500 litres of the solution. The warming up of the bath is ensured by electrical heating elements.

The steeping drum OB-1 is completely produced from non-rusting steel. The equipment is made from the tank and rotating drum with manual drive. The drum is divided into the seven chambers. Every single chamber takes 42 bottles with capacity 0, 3 to 1, 5 litres in three series. The total number of bottles in steeping drum is 294. The chambers are closed by sliding cover, which prevents releasing and falling-out of the bottles during rotation of the drum. The capacity of the equipment depends on the degree of contamination of bottles and on the operator.