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The appliance for flow pasteurization of liquids type PF

The appliance is designed as flow pasteurizer, which allows pasteurization of beer or other liquids. This device can works full automatically or in hand operation.

The main parts of this appliance are stainless steel exchanger with three heat sections, stainless steel pipe dweller, in the some cases is substituted with tank, equalizing tank for liquid, exchanger or tank for preparing of hot water. Further important parts are transport pumps, circulation pump of hot water, circulation pump of cooling water, pneumatic and hand closing valves, regulating valves ,which allows regulating cooling and hot water circulation, sensors and computer control of the machine. All these parts are placed on the frame from stainless steel. This frame allows easy transport and displacement of machine.

The function principle will be described in the following text. How was wrote up the most important part of pasteurizer is stainless steel exchanger. In this exchanger in recuperation section we preheat cold liquid from storage tank with hot liquid, which we want cool. Cold liquid is suctioned by pump from storage tank and this is delivered into recuperation section. After liquid passage during recuperation section is preheated liquid guided into hot section, where is liquid heated on temperature of pasteurization. This temperature we can chose on control display of machine. Heating of pasteurized liquid is during hot water. This hot water is heated in steam / water exchanger or in separate tank for hot water. Temperature of hot water is kept on the constant value, which we can also change. When has liquid the temperature, which we want, is liquid guided into pipe dweller or into other dweller. Liquid pass during dweller determine us the time of pasteurization that means time, which has liquid temperature of pasteurization. After liquid pass during dweller is liquid guided into recuperation section where is cooled with cold liquid on the input of liquid into machine. After liquid pass during recuperation section is necessary to cool liquid on the temperature which we want. This reality we make in cooling section of exchanger where we cool with ice water or with other method of cooling. When liquid passed cooling section, liquid goes into equalizing tank. The volume of this tank is determined by power of pasteurizer. This tank allows balancing of disuniform of liquid withdrawal. The machine has computer control system, which do not allow liquid pass during dweller if liquid has not temperature of pasteurization. Of course, when any withdrawal we have not longer time, control system of machine changes over running of pasteurizer from pasteurized liquid on water. When the mistake on withdrawal eliminated is, machine is changed over into normal position. Of course, computer of machine controls heating of hot water, ice water passage or cooling medium and liquid passage during pasteurizer. The control of machine is simple, because we chose quantity of pasteurization units on the display of control and we start machine.

Whole appliance is produced from stainless steel or manmade material, rubber and seals which are used are from materials which can be used in food industry. The guarantee of the devices is since one till two years according to circumstances.

The appliance is exported to customer with completely documents.