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Wrapping by draft foil with electrical drive type DW


Wrapping by draft foil is unit, which serves for covering of chosen and ready bottle’s configuration (various possibilities) by draft foil and for automatic slipping out the parcel from the unit. The wrapping machine can have hand drive or electro drive. If it is electro drive it is possible to adjust the number of the draft foil speed by time relay. The unit is made from non- rusting material and stands on four adjustable legs. After gripping of the foil to the lower stick of the bottle’s holder the bottle’s configuration is compose into the wrapping machine. After composing of the bottles it comes to its wrapping by foil (we are turning the arm with foil). After chosen number of the arm speed and number of the foil layer the foil is cut down. By pressing of button the air cylinder starts to work. The air cylinder drives out the covered bottles from the holder. The operator takes out the parcel and put it on the pallet. The capacity of the unit is 1100 pieces per 1 hour. The higher capacity depends on the operator.