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The appliance for carbonating and filling of beverages type CF 250


The appliance is suggested like similar counter pressure filler with carbonating section. In this section is possible the beverage saturate or final saturate if it is beer. The power of appliance is 250 bottles per hour with volume 0,5 l. For other volumes of bottles we have to recount the power. On this machine can be filled glass bottles and after small adaptation also cans and PET bottles. PET bottles are kept on the throat of bottle.

The appliance is determined due to its small power for small producers of beverages or for minibreweries.

The main parts of the machine are filling tank with saturating section, two filling valves, lifts, filter, pump, frame of the machine, safety screen and pneumatic and electric outfit of the machine.

The function principle of the machine is described in the following text. After flooding of the filter and pump with beverages we can start the machine. After pressing push button START the pump is running and saturating beverage, which is conducted by pipe into filling tank. When is reached maximal level in the tank pump is automatic switched off. Now we can open safety screen and on the plates of lifts, which are in down position, we can feed in the machine two empty bottles. After feeding empty bottles we have to close safety screen. Now we have to choose on the control board type of the working. We can choose from two types of working and that is either hand or automatic. After choosing of the hand working we change over reversing switch for lifts to the position up and lifts go out to the up position. Now we can change over reversing switch for filling to the position fill. Both filling valves will be opened and the bottles will be filled by carbon dioxide and after that by beverage. After filling of the bottles we close filling valves by reversing switch. In this time we have to press off throat of the bottles by push button for snift. Now we can change over reversing switch for lifts to basic position and the both bottles on the lifts go down. We will open safety screen and take out filled bottles from the machine and instead of filled bottles we will take in empty. After that whole cycle is repeating.

The level of beverage in the filling tank is hold between maximal and minimal level automatic. The efficiency of saturating of beverage depends on the pressure of carbon dioxide in filling tank. When is pressure of carbon dioxide higher the efficiency is also higher and opposite. The cleaning of machine is also easy during flooded of whole machine.

All parts of the machine including the frame are produced from stainless steel. The rubbers which are used in the machine can be used in food industry and are healthy unobjectiveable. The guarantee of the machine is since one till two years according to the circumstances.