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The appliance for producing of liquid sugar

The appliance for liquid sugar production is intended to liquefy crystal sugar in the water bath. Due to this process there is made a liquid sugar for sirup producion.

Production of the liquid sugar can be proceed by warm or cool process. During the production of liquid sugar by warm process, at the same time there is sterilisation process of solution of liquid sugar. Customer can choose duration of the sterilisation and temperature of solution.

The customer can choose spot check of refraction of produced liquid sugar or refraction checking can be made continualy and automatically. The appliance is albe to produce liquid sugar with refraction until 70 Brix. Amount of saturated water is set automatically.

During the designing of the appliance for producing the liquid sugar we insist on maximum usage of inserted energy, which is needed for production of liquid sugar by war process.

During the production of liquid sugar by warm process, there is a warm water as a secondary product. The temperature of water can be up to 75 degrees.

This warm water can be further used in technological process of beverage production or syrups production too.

Part of production technology of liquid sugar is filtration of liquid sugar on a bougie and tabular exchanger, where is the liquid sugar cooled down to a storage temperature about 25 degrees.

Minimum output of the arrangement is 2 ton/hour.

Whole machine is cleaned in a circle of course.

Customer can choose concrete control system of the machine. The machine works fully in automatic operation. Starting of the machinery into operation and option of single production procedure does the machine operator over the tangent LCD panel. The machine doesn't need any tender during the production of liquid sugar.

The appliance for producing of liquid sugar has own frame, so manipulation with the machine is easy. All the components of the machine comes to the intercourse with liquid sugar. They are made from stainless steel or from another health unexceptionable materials.

Guarantee on the machine is provided minimally for 12 months.