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The automatic cleaning station CIP

The arrangement is intended to preparation of cleaning agent in required quantity and quality. This agent is used to clean all the machines and piping systems which come to the contact with a drink.

Cleaning agents is necessary to warm up to (60 – 85)o C. That is why that the automatic cleaning system is possible to use only where is the steam available.

Cleaning agent is warmed-up in tabular exchanger and his temerature and concentration sustains a driving system. Cleaning time of line depends on set cleaning procedure and on parameters of cleaning agent. Cleaning agent has to fulfit adjusted limits. Machine operator can not influence a quality of cleaning line. Machine operator sets only cleaning traces and cleaning procedures. Cleaning station has its own cleaning circle.

Customer can choose concrete control system of the machine. All the operation of the machine is set by machine operator via LCD tangent panel. Machine operator can choose from couple of cleaning procedures.

The appliance has own frame, so manipulation with the machine is easy. If it is necessary to opt the capacity of storage tanks of cleaning agent in depending on size of cleaning machines and pipeline systems that way, that their capacity is bigger than 2000 l, the tanks are placed separately and interconnected with control centre. Number of cleaning traces, force main and reverse pumps depends on size of plant.

All the components of the machine which comes to the intercourse with cleaning agent are made from stainless steel or from another health unexceptionable materials.

Guarantee on the machine is provided minimally for 12 months.