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The appliance for pasteurization of beverages by water shower type PS


The appliance for pasteurization of beverages is designed as water shower pasteurizer. To the pasteurization of beverage, which is filled into bottles and bottles are closed we use water shower. Water is heated on the pasteurization temperature. With this hot water we shower bottles with beverage. Heating of water, which we need for pasteurization is during exchanger water / steam or we heat water for pasteurization by electric energy in separate tank. The pasteurization curve is arbitrary set up that means the temperature and time of pasteurization we can fluently change according to the requests. How was wrote rise temperature on the pasteurization temperature is slow also according to requests. For cooling of beverage in bottles it is same. The finish temperature of bottles with beverage is depending on the temperature of cooling water. Controlling of temperatures and times of this appliance is during small control programmable unit.

The pasteurizer is composed from pasteurizer chamber with showers, which is placed on the frame of pasteurizer. The important part of machine is also charging cart with two floors, exchanger for heating of water pump, filter, pneumatic and hand closing valves and control unit. Outside surface of pasteurizer are heat insulation panels in white colour. The inner surface of chamber is stainless steel polished sheet. The device has legs which we can fluently set up and that allows set up machine in horizontal position and cleaning under device.

The function principle is following. Operator gives filled and closed glass bottles into two floors of charging cart. Now is cart placed into pasteurization chamber and we can switch on pasteurization cycle. The pump press water from heater into showers, which are placed above bottles, and we shower bottles with water. Whole cycle is controlled by control unit. When cycle is finished, operator takes out cart from chamber and gives bottles after pasteurization to processing in further machine. On the wish of customer we can supply two charging carts for better using of time.

The pasteurizer is determined for filling lines with small and middle power.

The advantages of this device are lower price, low consumption of energy, cooling of bottles in pasteurization cycle, small dimensions of machine.

Whole appliance is produced from stainless steel or manmade material, rubber and seals which are used are from materials which can be used in food industry. The device we can easy and perfect clean without problems. The guarantee of the devices is since one till two years according to circumstances.

The appliance is exported to customer with completely documents.