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The appliance for producing syrups

The arrangement is intended to production of syrups from liquid sugar. Production of syrups proceeds quite automatically on the basis of procedure, which is saved in control system of the machine.

Production of syrups is following: Into the tank are according to prescriptions dosed individual components from which is syrup mixed. Single components are step by step pumped from the reservoirs. The reservoirs are connected to the machine by piping system. It is mainly citrid acid, individual bases, liquid sugar, preserving agent and water. Preparation of the citric acid solution is proceeded separately in dissolving tank. Distant of exact ration of single components is assured by inductive flowmeter.

Main component of produced syrups is liquid sugar. Liquid sugar is carryed by pump from the liquid sugar storage over inductive flowmeter to the mixing tank.

After the dosing of single components is done, charge is mixed in the tank. Intensive mixing of charge is assured by mixing ejector. The arrangement is able to use to production of syrups from artificial sweeteners.

Customer can choose concrete control system of the machine. The machine works fully in automatic operation. Starting of the machinery into operation and option of single production procedure does the machine operator over the tangent LCD panel. The machine doesn't need any tender during the production of syrups.

The arrangement for syrup production has own cleaning system, which is designed to be connected to cleaning circle together with the beverage producing machine and with the filler. Cleaning mode is set by machine operator on the control panel.

The appliance for producing of syrups has own frame, so manipulation with the machine is easy. All the components of the machine comes to the intercourse with the beverage. They are made from stainless steel or from another health unexceptionable materials.

Guarantee on the machine is provided minimally for 12 months.