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The mixer and doser of water type MD 30


The mixer and the doser of the water MD 30 is unit assigned to dose wanted quantity of water with adjustable temperature. The unit is assigned for an operation where the dosing of water with definite temperature is needed (for example to the baker s for preparation of the mass, for cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry etc.)

The mixer is unit that is connected to a source of warm and cold water. It is also necessary connecting to an electric energy 240 V, 50 Hz. On the mixer it is possible to adjust the dose of water from 1 - 999 l and the temperature of input water with dependence on the temperatures of inlet waters from 10 - 80°C. More dates are fixed by technical conditions of the unit.

Buttons on the controlling desk of the mixer chooses the wanted quantity of the dose of the water. The wanted temperature of the dose of the water is selected by turning of a knob placed on the face of the case. On the display of the unit it is possible to follow up an actual flowed quantity of water after 0,1°C. The unit also contains the button, which makes instantaneous breaking up of flowing water possible. The through flow of the water by unit is 30 litres / minute with flow 0, 3 MPa at the input waters. The unit is placed in plastic case when all parts come into the contact with water and are made of health-acceptable materials including the pertinent certificates.