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The appliance for filling of carbonated beverages type CF 400 U


The appliance is designed as counterpressure filler with steady filling tank. Filling tank is mounted with two filling valves. The device is also fitted with two heads sealing for PET bottles with small container of the bottle caps. On the machine can be filled only PET bottles.

The main parts of the machine are filling tank with filling valves. Further parts are pump, pneumatic and hand closing valves, regulate and snift valves, which keep required pressure level in system, lifts of bottles, guiding carousel which leads bottles on the lifts, carbonating section, two pneumatic sealing heads, computer control system of machine, frame with safety screen.

In the first step we have to give two empty bottles into carousel of bottles. After receiving start signal computer gives signal to power of bottles carousel run and that starts lead empty bottles on the pneumatic lifts under filling valves. After signal receiving that all lifts have bottles computer gives signal to lifts up and empty bottles are placed on the filling valves. After sealing of bottles throat on the filling valves computer opens gas pipes of filling valves and bottles are filled by carbon dioxide. When pressure is in bottles and in the filling tank even are opened filling valves and starts flow liquid. Now we can give further two empty bottles into carousel. When bottles are loaded valves are closed. Computer checks if are all valves closed and if yes are opened snift valves and from the bottles is evolved pressure, which is in bottles. After this operation go lifts down. After controlling if all lifts are down computer gives signal run to carousel and carousel starts leading away filled and guiding empty bottles. When goes carousel with full bottles under sealing heads take throat of bottles from container caps. Carousel is stopped when empty bottles are under filling valves and full bottles under sealing. In this time cycle of filling is repeated. The phase of closing of bottles is following. When bottles are under sealing heads gives computer signal and lifts of sealing go up. When are lifts up caps on throat of bottles push on sealing heads, which start run and close bottles. After that go lifts of sealing down. When are bottles full and their lifts are down and also are down lifts of sealing computer checks if is all OK and gives signal to power of carousel and that starts run. When bottles are again on their places whole cycles are repeated. In this time operator take out closing bottles and gives instead of closing bottles by hand empty bottles. Operator must also give caps into container by hand.

The check of beer level in filling tank is full automatic and in the case of need computer control fills up filling tank. How was described this sequence is controls by computer and is all time repeated.

These all parts are placed on the frame, which allows easy transport and displacement of machine. Machine has also cleaning circle for easy disinfecting. On the machine is also safety screen, which protects operator of machine in the case that bursts bottle. Whole appliance inclusive of frame is produced from stainless steel, rubber and seals which are used are from materials which can be used in food industry. The guarantee of the machine is since one till two years according to circumstances.

The appliance is exported to customer with completely documents.